Saturday, February 5, 2011

Check Up with Doc

If yesterday was eventful for us, today was eventful for the Twinkies (well, for Jeannette a bit more than Kaden).  They got to go for their first check-up since discharge on Wednesday.  And I got to learn first hand what it must have taken to storm Omaha Beach.

When people said that nothing would ever be the same, I heard them, but I didn't understand them until this morning.  Two babies, two nurses, two daddies, multiple feedings (kids and adults), the de rigueur morning coffee (no such luck; cranky daddies), multiple diaper changes, packing the diaper bag, and trying to marshal everyone out the door for a 1 km drive down the street to the hospital for our doctor's appointment.  What normally would have been a simple two minute stroll down the block became a massive two hour assault.  And, even with all of this, we were still 20 minutes late.

The kids would have been perfectly happy had we missed the whole thing.  First, their weigh ins (both have done great and are gaining weight like crazy: Jenny Lyn's now 1.95 kg and our little tiger is 2.5 kg, gaining a full 25% of his body weight in three days!).  Another jaundice test of each of them (ouch!) and then poor Jenny Lyn got her first Hep-B vaccine.  Maybe she thought that if she didn't gain enough, we would forget.  Sorry, little girl.  But, that was one case where it really did hurt us more than it hurt you.  You forgot it in a few seconds, but I can still hear your cries in my ears.

So, here is a shot taken from this morning just before the assault began:

And here's a shot of our apartment building (and, yes, that is a doughnut shop on the first floor; remember, it's important to support your local merchants):

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  1. What is the name of the apartment? Was it ok?
    Congrats on the bubs!! Loving the blog!!