Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're Going Home

It's official: the babies are heading home.  We were able to complete the necessary paperwork, so now we are working to get home.  By the end of the week, the babies should be firmly on American soil (and, after the 26 hour trip home, they will not leave again until they can buy their own damn tickets!)

We were able to complete the paperwork in three business days, a process that, even when expedited, normally takes two to three weeks.  Jeff A. says that it's the first time that my anal compulsive nature has paid off.  Frankly, we got lucky and worked with some great folks.

Before we completed everything, we were able to spend some special time in Delhi with friends.  Saturday night, our friend Aimee (who was in Delhi for a sustainable development conference) came by on her way to the airport.  We got to introduce the Twinkies to her and then had a nice dinner out (the babies stayed at home).  Here's a picture of Aimee with Kaden:

As I mentioned in the last posting, we were also able to spend time with Manali and other friends on Sunday.  And then last night, Saurabh and Nico were kind enough to invite us over to their house for dinner with Manali.  Again, we ate way too much wonderful Indian food.  We're trying to convince Saurabh and Nico to have babies or at least a puppy.

Here's a shot of Manali with the babies from this morning (on the way home from their Doctor's appointment, we stopped by to see her and her puppy, Ladoo).  The babies are wrapped tight in the beautiful receiving blankets that Manali gave them; she's also promised to show Jenny how to tie a proper sari, when Jenny''s old enough.

And here's a shot of Liyi (a new friend and the babies' night nanny), Jeff, and Kaden; don't they make a good looking family?

 Finally, to close out the post, here's a shot of Jenny Lynn being burped by Jeff (that's his neck you see).  She continues to grow (2.0 kg at this morning's check up), but she's still a tiny little squirt.  And a fussy eater.  Hopefully, that's just a passing phase.  But you can see what a sweet, sweet angel she is:


  1. Congrats on being able to leave so quick. Nothing feels as good as home. Love all the pics. What darlings!

  2. They are incredibly cute!!! Had no idea you have a blog, Doh! Now I can keep up with y our news. fantastic job by all who got your paperwork down so quickly.

  3. hi if you're in delhi i would love to hear about your experience with dr shivani's team. let me know how to reach you. thanks. -- somini in delhi

  4. @JA: It was so good to text earlier today and the pics of the angels in their matching cribs just tugged at my mama heart! A rain of kisses to you all.