Saturday, February 5, 2011

Next Stop

The babies are continuing their whirlwind tour of government agencies with their first visit to the Ministry of Home Affairs.  Up early, packed the old apartment, went to the Ministry, moved to the new apartment (where we stay until the 21st), and then back to the Ministry later today to pick up our magic envelope.

On Monday, we take the envelope to the FRRO where we find out how much longer it will be before we get to bring the babies home.  For the uninitiated, although the babies are ours and they are US citizens, they can't leave the country without an exit visa.

So, here's a picture of Jeff and Mariamma (the babies' day nurse) waiting patiently with the babies at the Ministry of Home Affairs:

Subsequent update: so we went back to Home Affairs Friday evening and had a tiny bit of a scare.  We arrived early (silly Americans) and waited patently along with two rooms full of other foreigners picking up their magic envelops.  Then, they announced the Australians.  After a wait, the Pakistanis.  Another wait, and the rest of Asia.  Wait, then the African countries.  Wait, then Europe.  Wait, then Latin America.  And, finally, it just the Americans left (not sure what ever happened to the Canadians; probably got lumped in with Europe.  Must be magic in those little maple leaf flags sewn onto all of their backpacks.)

Then they called one of our compatriots.  And another, and another, and another.  On through the list.  One after another.  I was right up front so I got to call out to folks when their envelope hit the top of the stack.  And the stack got smaller and smaller and smaller.  Finally, there was only one left.  And two of us standing there.  It was for them.  "No soup for you."

I looked around and there was no one else left (except for Jeff A.; the Twimkies got to stay home).  As the official packed up to leave for the night, we stopped him and asked where our envelope was.  He rolled his eyes and motioned for us to follow him.  Back through corridor after corridor and room after room.  While walking, we casually passed another official, who told us to follow him (I must have missed the secret hand-off).  We went to a random desk in the next hall and he gave us our envelope.  Like much in India, just when you think that things could not possibly come together, they somehow do.

So, now we wait until Monday to take our envelope to the FRRO to find out what it says.  Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, here is an early Friday morning shot of the Twinkies with their night nurse, Lee:

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